What we need from you


1. Copy us into your emails

Always copy in mentor@projectaccess.org whenever you correspond with your mentee. This is important for safeguarding reasons. It’s important that you don’t communicate using any other forum than email and the video calls, and don’t add your mentee on social media. 🙋

2. Send your mentee a calendar invite for your meetings

This will help us track that the mentorship is taking place. You can schedule a calendar invite by creating an event in your online calendar (Google calendar or iCal) and then inviting your mentee and mentor@projectaccess.org in the ‘Invite’ section. 🤗

3. Don’t friend your mentee on social media

This is important for safeguarding reasons, and so that we can track the mentorship to know that it is taking place. If they send you a friend request, explain that you can’t accept until after the mentorship has concluded.

4. Don’t answer questions you don’t know the answer for

It’s completely fine to say that you don’t know the answers to your mentee’s question, but if you say something that you’re not sure about your mentee will most likely think it is true. Tell them to look it up on a university website instead. 🤓

5. Make sure you’ve read our safeguarding code of conduct

You can find it here. 📗