Using our mentoring system



We have our own system so that we can track all the mentorships and follow-up if we can see that mentorship calls (sessions) haven’t been done in a while. This is important for us to be able to follow up if a problem arises where a mentor isn’t able to mentor anymore and so that we can reassign the mentee.

Another great feature is that it uses algorithmic parings so that we can ensure that all mentees get a mentor who is as similar to them as possible - either in terms of subject, where this is possible, or in terms of background.


Mentoring as usual 💻

We wanted it to be easy for you to use your normal communication tools while talking to your mentee so the software doesn’t come with a platform. Instead you communicate with your mentee via email as usual and copy in the email so that we can track it.

If you click on your mentee’s dossiers in the pairing email, you will be able to find their emails. Just communicate via email and copy in the email so that we can track it.

Logging a session 📆

To make us aware that a mentorship session is going to be taking place you need to schedule it on Once you have agreed on a time for a meeting with your mentee you’ll be able to log it in the system by logging into Then you’ll be sent the agenda via email before the meeting takes place. It’s best if you do this a few days before the call, because then we can make sure you receive the agenda in time for the call.

Editing your profile 📝

If you want your mentees to see different things about you, or if the subject we’ve uploaded that you do isn’t correct, you’ll now also be able to edit your dossier. If you just log in at you’ll be able to make any changes you want. You can also add more background information if you want that to be taken into account in the pairing process.

How often will you be reminded about scheduling a session? 💬

We hope you’ll speak to your mentee once a month. Some of these calls will be structured and work towards a particular goal or centred on a theme that you’ve set with your mentees, and some may be more informal - just for you to check in with your mentee and hear how they’re doing.

Receiving our emails 🙈

We send many emails to many people, and because of this sometimes our emails end up in your junk folder. If you haven’t heard from us, and you think maybe you should have, please have a look in your junk folder to see if our emails have ended up there. If you mark them ‘not junk’ this should make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.


If you have any questions or if you have feedback on the system, please do get in touch! This is the first time we use an external system so it’s new to us as well. Therefore we’d love to hear anything that comes to mind when you use it. Your feedback is what makes us better! Send it to