Results day


How do I help my mentee?

A-levels results day is coming up and it is a stressful time for many of your mentees. Below are some of our thoughts on how to handle the potential outcomes after results day. If you have any questions, please feel free to email at any point.

If your mentee does make their offer

Awesome! You’ve been a part of someone’s journey to Cambridge. We hope you’ll continue the mentorship until your mentee starts university and help answer questions about how they can prepare for the course! The mentorship officially finishes when your mentee gets to university, but if you want to have a coffee with them to welcome them to Cambridge that is very much encouraged as well! 

If your mentee doesn’t make their offer 

It can be a difficult time to mentor someone if they end up not making their offers. Therefore, if this does happen and you want support, please feel free get in touch with and we can set up a meeting to talk about how to approach it. 

What happens to your mentorship?

We think it is important that you keep in touch with your mentee until the start of term so that they don’t feel like you have lost confidence in them because they didn’t get in. This can be just via email or also through calls. The main thing to convey is that you are their mentor because you believe in them regardless of whether they got the grades or not. 

How do I talk to my mentee about it?

The key thing to remind your mentee of if they don’t make their offer is that failure is just an inevitable part of success. The intelligence that got them through interviews and to a conditional offer will remain with them regardless of what happens next. To hammer this home we like to reference a speech by J.K. Rowling, which you’re welcome to send them if you think it’s appropriate.

So, if your mentee ends up not making their offer, now is the time to sharpen your rhetoric around how impressive they are for making it this far, and that intelligence often doesn’t fit within the bounds of an exam paper. It’s of course not your responsibility to make sure they recover from this blow, but whatever support you can offer (either in writing or in a call) will be helpful for their journey. The main thing we want to help them with is to maintain a level of confidence in their ability and intelligence. 


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