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Every year, about 20% of conditional offer-holders from underrepresented backgrounds end up not enrolling at their top-choice university. A significant part of this is that students end up not going because they think the university is not for them and that they won’t fit in.

The offer-holder programme is designed to help offer-holders who are not receiving much support from their school navigate the conditional offer period. By being on the programme, offer-holders can talk to someone who has been through the process before, who knows both how to deal with the pressure and who can act as a role model and show what it is like on the other side.

The programme has been very well received. This is what some of our offer-holders last year said about it:

Getting advice and guidance from somebody who has recently been through exactly what you're going through is priceless. My mentor was charming and knowledgeable and answered my questions as best she could. She also went out of her way to find out how and who to inform in my prospective college about a personal health matter that could affect my offer. I really can't thank her enough, and project access for getting her stuck with me.

Very good for motivation and support - especially when it came to the admissions test as it’s difficult to find support for that anywhere else.

Great to have even better insight into university life! My mentor showed me some of her essays which was very helpful and exciting!

Being able to talk to someone who went through the same stages as you meant they shared the same thoughts and anxieties you have. Also, it was easier to talk to a mentor about certain issues rather than parents or teachers.

We’ve gathered some links that can be helpful to you and your mentee during the mentorship here (see the Year 13 section for relevant material).


The application mentoring programme uses your subject-specific knowledge and recent experience of the application process to support students as they are applying. This programme is designed to help mentees with two things, 1) to make an informed choice about what they want to study and where, and 2) to support them in making that application the best it can be.

As a mentor, your role is to give your mentees a better insight into what it is like to study the course your mentees are interested in at university (which will most likely be a very similar course to your own), and then, if they choose to apply for it, to help them make their application the best it can be. You may also need to give your mentee some extra support if they are worried about not fitting in by giving them a better idea of what they can expect when they get there.

We will be sending you material to guide the mentorship, but feel free to overlook this and steer it according to your mentees’ preferences — so if your mentee wants to spend more time on a particular part of the application than our guides suggest then that’s completely fine. You can find a sample outline of what other mentors have gone over in the past here. There is also a resource space for mentors here, where you can find any links that might be helpful to you and your mentee during the mentorship.