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When you’ve been trained and received your DBS-check in the post, you’ll be ready to be a mentor with Project Access! Thanks for sticking with us.

In this mentor portal, we’ve gathered all the information you need in order to mentor with us — just so you have it all in one place if you want to look something up during your mentorship. First things first, let us tell you a bit more about how this all works.


Team Cambridge

At Project Access, we’re aiming to build a comprehensive solution to the access problem. Every year there are about 5,000 students from less privileged backgrounds who get excellent results in their exams but still don’t go to any Russell Group university. Our grand vision is to build a programme that can help all of these students by using student-powered mentoring. We’re still far from our goal (our goal is to help 500 students this year), but we’re excited about building up an organisation that can make this possible.

A state school student is five times less likely to go to a Russell Group university than a privately educated student - even when they have the same grades. This is what we want to tackle. To remain focussed and be able to achieve this goal, we don’t ask our mentors to do any tutoring, but instead we ask you to focus on the various parts of the application process and also be a friendly source of support for your mentees as they’re going through it!


As a mentor, you’ll be paired with a mentee who is similar to you in that they want to study your subject or a similar subject, at university. You may also have other things in common, like your background or where you went to school

In order to make tailored pairings between mentors and mentees, we need a larger mentor base than we have mentees. Unfortunately, this also means that you might not receive a mentee right away. Sometimes, if you study a rare subject or a subject for which we happen to have very few mentees for, you might not be paired in a cycle at all! 😔 We’re very sorry if this happens to you. We try our best to engage our mentors in any way we can to make use of the energy and goodwill that made you get trained and become a mentor with us, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to make use of it right away. If you’ve not been paired in a while and want to help us reach new schools and regions (perhaps to find your next mentee!) you can send an email to and she’ll be excited about exploring the options for getting you more involved!


In this mentor portal, we’ll tell you a bit more about how we work and how we expect you to work with us as a Project Access mentor.

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