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At Project Access, we’re aiming to build a comprehensive solution to the access problem. Every year there are about 5,000 students from less privileged backgrounds who get excellent results in their exams but still don’t go to any Russell Group university. Our grand vision is to build a programme that can help all of these students by using student-powered mentoring. We’re still far from our grand vision (our goal for this year is to help 500 students), but we’re excited about building up an organisation that can make this possible.

To remain focussed and be able to achieve this goal, we don’t ask our mentors to do any tutoring, but instead we ask you to focus on the various parts of the application process and also be a friendly source of support for your mentees as they’re going through it!

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As a mentor, you’ll be expected to give one hour of your time each month for each mentee you mentor. We’ll be aiming to pair you with students that study the course you do (or one that’s very similar) at the same university. You may not get paired right away after you get trained, as sometimes it takes some time for someone to come along that matches your background. To make it easy for you to manage your time, however, every time we send a mentee your way you’ll be asked to opt-in. That way you won’t have to mentor someone if you’re in the middle of exams, or busy with something else.

Getting started…

  1. Sign up using the form below.

  2. Register for a training session at your campus.

  3. Apply for a DBS-check with Project Access.

  4. Go to training and show your ID documents so that we can process your DBS-check.

  5. Get mentoring! As a mentor, you’ll be helping mentees who are similar to you in the course 📚 they want to do, the university 🏛️ they want to apply for, their background 🗺️📍 or all of these things! You’ll be there to support them with all parts of the application process by giving an hour of your time per month to help them with things like reviewing personal statements, giving them a greater insight into what your course is like at university, and running mock interviews. If you want to read more about what the mentoring process is like, you can have a look at our mentor portal, here.


After you’ve registered, below, you’ll receive a confirmation email asking you to register for a training session. If you sign up after April, you may have missed the training session for this year’s cohort and you will then have to wait until we start preparing for the next year’s programmes in October.

But do still register! That way we can keep you in the loop on when the next round of training sessions start!

We currently only take on mentors from the following universities because of capacity constraints: Cambridge University, Durham University, Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Oxford University, University College London, University of Warwick