Why spend your time with us?

Our organisation started as a student movement almost two years ago. Since then we’ve learnt many important lessons and we now have a full-time team to professionalise our operations and help us scale up so we can reach our full potential.

To stay true to our student roots, our operations rely on a strong community of youth volunteers who drive many of our core operations. Being part of our organisation comes with the unusual opportunity of gaining real-life experience of being a critical part of an ambitious social enterprise. If you want to help us grow the organisation, whilst building out your own skillset, join our team!

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Org chart

Research and Development


E-learning Project 👩🏾‍💻

Key Responsibilities

•Research into high quality e-learning revision products, leveraging user feedback to identify the most popular tools amongst target students.

•Recommend the desired combination of tools to create a comprehensive solution.

•Collaborate with the CEO to pitch and secure licenses.

•Evaluate the effectiveness of the new toolkit at the end of the program cycle


Attainment is a key part of the access challenge. We currently have a small set of licensed e-learning revision tools that we have received positive feedback on from mentees, but there are gaps and subjects missing. This is a project based role to create and test a more comprehensive e-learning revision toolkit for mentees.


Process Automation Project 🤖

Key Responsibilities

•Document the user flow for key processes.

•Identify potential areas for automation.

•Research and identify the most appropriate, cost effective automation tools leveraging existing subscription tools such as zapier wherever possible.

•Complete the automation process.

•Test the automated process in a contained test environment, and with a subset of users. This could include testing releases from the Together Platform team.

•Release the automated process, and continue to monitor and troubleshoot it.

•Maintain thorough documentation of your work throughout the project.


Project Access currently has a mix of human and automated processes in the mentoring program. Some of the human processes are inefficient, administrative heavy and prone to human error. The purpose of this role is to improve the level of automation in the Project Access processes, to improve the efficiency and scalability of the Mentoring Program. It is important to pick the right processes to automate, as some are better done by a human.


Data Analysis and Architecture 🖥️

Key Responsibilities

•Identify the ideal state metrics and map them to currently available data.

•Understand the platform-generated data, and create a Project Access data roadmap that builds off this.

•Recommend short and long term data solutions.

Long term:

•if appropriate, design, wireframe and cost out a data architecture system leveraging ETL tools (e.g. Talend) and BI platforms such as Tableau or Power Bi.

•Short term:

•Create prototype data reports, and get feedback from key stakeholders.

•Test and iterate on data analysis and insight reports, and simple dashboards using live data.

•Document data SOPs and implement reports on an ongoing basis.


We have technology platform data captured from different phases of the mentoring process, from initial matching to program exit but it is currently under-utilised. This role is a mix of development and delivery, first identifying the current and ideal state data metrics and prototyping reports, and then creating and delivering on standard operating procedures for data analysis and reporting going forward.




Service Management 📮


Key Responsibilities

•Send personalised outbound emails, to check in on the mentee experience.

•Respond to inbound enquiries from mentors, mentees, and internal users, diagnosing and resolving issues and answering user questions.

•Follow up to ensure effective resolution of issues and a great service experience.

•Set and meet response time and resolution time metrics.

•Track incidences of commonly reported questions.

•Evaluate and make recommendations on how to reduce number of incidences reported through improvement in communications or program design.

•Where appropriate, develop FAQ and self-service materials to enable users to solve issues themselves.

•Develop standardised response templates to ensure consistency in voice for future programs.

•Identify and report any mentoring platform technical issues or bugs experienced.


This is a people-centric role requiring the ability to communicate in a warm and friendly tone across a range of stakeholder groups. It includes answering queries from mentees and mentors, and sending personalised outbound follow ups. It requires rapid response times, and so ideally the person in this role is able to respond to incoming emails every 1 to 2 days.


Mentor Retention 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻

Key Responsibilities

Design, test and implement a mentor retention and engagement system. Example activities are below:

•Welcome new mentors to the Project Access team, and ensure they feel part of the Project Access family.

•Write and share the mentor newsletter.

•Collaborate with the social media representative, to create and deliver mentor facing social media, building a sense of community and leveraging Spires to gather mentor-mentee stories.

•Develop and implement a mentor reward and recognition scheme.

•Understand why mentors choose to not mentor twice or more, and create and test an incentive scheme to improve mentor retention.

•Coordinate the end of program experiences, and encourage mentors and mentees to continue to mentor and stay involved in Project Access.


At present, we need to maintain a 2:1 ratio of new mentors:mentees each year to deliver the mentoring program. This is a potential barrier to scale as in the current model to have 8,000 mentees each year, we would require 16,000 new mentors each year.  It is also an opportunity as one mentor could continue to mentor for 5 years, and gain increasing quality with experience if they were given the right incentive structure to do so. This role is intended to address this problem, and increase the number of retained mentors who choose to mentor for two or more consecutive years through a combination of an engaged mentor community and a well designed mentor retention incentive scheme.


Mentoring Platform Management 💡


Key Responsibilities

•Review the Together Platform and ensure the automation and algorithmic matching is working as intended.

•Review and approve mentees in the Together system.

•Conduct the end-to-end of the DBS check process, including manually making mentors active in Together when their DBS check is cleared.

•Manually match mentors in Together, when there is no algorithmic match.

•Collaborate with the automation project to prototype ways to improve the efficiency of the DBS check and onboarding process.

•Test new technology platform releases, including the integration with the call recording and tracking system (Spires).

•Leverage data to identify inactive or low activity mentees or mentors and report the pairing to the Program Manager for resolution.

•Identify and report any Together Platform technical issues or bugs experienced.


This is an operations role, ensuring that all mentees successfully receive a match from a DBS cleared mentor, and that the Together Platform runs smoothly. It involves strong attention to detail and working with sensitive data, and so a strong understanding of data integrity is required.


Evaluation and Insight


Evaluation and Insight 📊


This role ensures our mentoring program is user and customer centric, with users and customers having a strong voice in the design of the program to ensure it fulfils their needs.

Key Responsibilities

•Create feedback tools and process.

•Collect customer and user feedback, leveraging research best practice.

•Evaluate trends and synthesise the results into program insight and recommendation reports highlighting key areas for improvement.

•Maintain a program improvement backlog, driven by learnings from internal and external customer and user feedback.




Business Development, Wales 👋


Key Responsibilities

•Expand the partnership with the Seren Network.

•Improve the outreach and sign-up strategy to reach more students through the Seren Network hubs.

•Ensure there is a strong supply of Welsh mentors available at all target universities.

•Create a replicable partnership model for expansion that can inform our work in the future.


This role is about expanding our presence in Wales and growing our partnership with the Seren Network so that we can reach more students.


Researcher – Grants 📝

Key Responsibilities

•Develop and maintain a database of potential grants, competitions and funding opportunities and their due dates.

•Complete an eligibility check, and recommend the ones we are most suited for.

•Assist with the grant application process.

•Keep track of outcomes, and key feedback to improve our grant success rate going forward.

•Research and identify events and panels for Project Access to attend or speak at.

•Recommend the most appropriate events, and organise the logistics of attendance.


This role ensures we are clued-in with all relevant grants, and have a highly effective revenue-generating machine. It also seeks out opportunities to grow our network, and raise our profile through conferences and events.


Researcher – General 🏫

Key Responsibilities

Example projects:

•Research and analyse data to identify and shortlist target schools for expansion.

•Prepare background briefs for CEO for key stakeholders meetings.

•Research and update our Project Access rationale research paper, for publication on the website.

•Complete and maintain a landscape analysis of potential partners and collaborators, including their program offering, value proposition, price points and key contact personnel.

•Create an information hub with up to date with widening participation reports and policy changes, summarise their findings and the implications for our work.


This role works on a project basis, completing a series of research projects to drive growth and enable strategic decision making.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support Roles


Finance and Compliance 💰

Key Responsibilities

•Manage accounting process, ensuring effective use of Xero.

•Coordinate and improve internal financial and expense policies and systems.

•Coordinate use of gift aid, answering donor questions and ensuring gift aid is secured wherever possible.

•Create management reports on the financial health of the organisation, such as budget to actuals and cash flow, highlight areas of risk and make recommendations for improvement.

•Develop unit cost and financial models, to inform pricing decisions and fundraising goals.

•Coordinate with professional services firm, to ensure accurate and timely completion of audit and other required filings.

•Coordinate volunteer contract creation and renewal and associated on-boarding.

•Keep up to date with compliance requirements, and ensure Project Access UK remains compliant.


This role is about building on our current systems to enable us to maintain good accounting, compliance and financial modelling practices to allow for the effective scaling up of our operations.


Social Media and Workplace 👍

Key Responsibilities

•Manage the Project Access social media across all platforms.

•Create content and/or facilitate with Project Access team to create and share the right content at the right time.

•Post appropriate content to workplace to encourage team engagement.

•Track and evaluate the effectiveness of content posted, and iterate to continue to improve content quality and reach.


This role is about determining the target group and purpose for each social media platform, and then creating effective strategies to build up a strong online presence and community among our mentors, mentees and wider stakeholders.


Website and SEO 📈

Key Responsibilities

•Collaborate with Project Access team to review and improve the website structure and user flow.

•Make required structural changes using Squarespace.

•Post ongoing updates and content revision to the website using Squarespace.

•Assist with website changes required during up coming re-branding.

•Improve Project Access UK’s SEO listing.


This role is for a tech rockstar who is excited to take ownership of the technical management of our website, and leverage SEO to make us highly visible so that no one misses an opportunity to join our program!